زرده یا سفیده تخم مرغ

Just eat egg whites or whole eggs

Eggs are a complete meal that God has given us. Some believe that sometimes the egg is not consumed completely or only its whites or yolks alone, which does not adequately absorb all the nutrients in the egg.

Let’s see how best to consume eggs:

Some use only egg whites and discard the yolk, there are many reasons for this; they say that all egg proteins exist only in whites if, according to research, 6% of the protein in the egg is about 4% white and 2% left in the yolk, so just eating a whole egg will benefit from all the protein in it.

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According to research, about 90 percent of egg whites are water, which makes people have no competition for egg yolk, if the amount of water in whites contains all the vitamins needed for the body. Egg yolk is included.

It is very important for athletes to use egg whites to compensate for the amount of water lost during sweating during exercise and is considered a fixed part of athletes’ diet because of the content of egg whites. It also builds muscle.

Egg yolk is sometimes dropped because we think that yolk is high in cholesterol and increases the risk of heart disease.

The egg yolk should not be omitted because the egg yolk is warm but the egg white is cold, so the egg is completely temperate and this is why it is necessary to use the egg completely.

The calorie content of whole eggs is about 70 grams, 16% of which is in egg whites.

But it is worth noting that out of the 5 grams of whole egg fat there is about 0 grams of fat in the egg whites and also of 211 mg of cholesterol there is 0 mg of cholesterol in the egg whites.

زرده یا سفیده تخم مرغ


















There are fewer people around us who are allergic to eggs, but we have sometimes heard that some people avoid eating eggs because of symptoms such as cavities, swelling or runny nose, which prevent them from using them. They are made from eggs.
In general, those who do not have problems with their eggs should use the egg fully to benefit from all the nutrients in it.

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