شناخت نژاد مرغ های تخم گذار

Breeding Chickens Breed

At first, the chickens lay eggs at certain seasons of the year, due to their godly zeal. During the changes in human lifestyles and needs that pioneered, humans realized that they could use egg laying, so they sought to identify breeds of laying hens.

Mediterranean race:

This breed is small in appearance and can withstand heat and heat, so it can be grown in tropical regions. The Mediterranean breed is less at risk of disease than other breeds of chicken or, even if they become ill, have high physical resistance.

Mediterranean chicken species include Leghorn Minorca and Andolucian Blue.

Leghorn: If you want to name the most famous breed of chicken, this is the Leghorn breed, which is for the city of Leghorn, Italy. The dominant colors are white and brown, which are adapted to the cold climate. Other colors of this breed: Fawn Gold, Silver and Brown White.

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An important feature of this breed is that the breed’s growth rate is high and within a few weeks they reach maturity and begin to lay eggs. In Iran, the breeding herds are lineage, LSL and bons.

American race:

It is a combination of Asian and Mediterranean American race. This breed is raised for both meat production and egg production. Varieties of American Chicken Breeds: Plymouth Rock, New Hampshire, Jersey Block and Wyandot.

New Hampshire: It belongs to the US New Hampshire area. Eggs of this breed: The brown color of the eggshell, the beak, the feathers are oak and the color of their legs is yellow. But the important thing about this breed is that it starts laying eggs at 5 months.

Marandi: This breed belongs to the Marand County of Iran and is one of the top breeds of laying hens in Iran. They have feathers in the legs, but not in the claws. Also, their wing color is black, the breed reaches the age of 6 months and breeds locally by laying 150 eggs but by industrial methods and in advanced poultry the number of eggs reaches 180 It also arrives.

شناخت نژاد مرغ های تخم گذار


















Plymouth Rock:

This breed is one of the oldest and most popular breeds of laying hens in America. The meat tastes good and the eggs of this breed are coarse brown. This breed is famous for its white color. The breed can lay 190 eggs during the year. The most important feature of this breed is that you can detect females when they are chicks.

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