مشکل آنفولانزای مرغی

Avian Influenza Problem

Extra-acute bird flu, which hit traditional and industrial poultry farming in late September and early October last year, one after another was destroying the herds producing breeding units, and day after day in provinces where influenza centers were Identified, added.

The work came to a conclusion that in year 3, and due to a lack of production and supply of eggs due to over-hatching of this product and laying poultry herds, the Ministry of Agriculture Jihad after years of consent to re-export foreign eggs to their feet. The Iranian market would be opened, but the price of the protein product was still rising, and the egg market did not want to slow down, but according to the director of the Layers’ Poultry Union, the market for this product is declining, and further rationalizing. We will become the price of eggs.


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