کاربرد تخم مرغ در صنعت شیرینی پزی

Application of eggs in the confectionery industry

Egg whites are one of the most important ingredients in baking, which makes the puffiness and so on the cake better and more elaborate.

کاربرد تخم مرغ در صنعت شیرینی پزی


















How to make baked goods for pastries:

The first point is that the egg whites make the most of the foam, which is not too old for the laying hen to have proper nutrition when laying.

Temperature can affect white puffiness:

Keep the egg in the refrigerator If you want to use it for cakes and pastries, let it stand outside for at least 20 minutes until it reaches a temperature equilibrium with the environment, making the most puff.

Adding what material to whites will give it stability:

If it is white and has reached the desired puff size, add a little salt to keep it white with the same puff.
Stir the whites in a copper bowl, no need to add any material to prevent it from dropping because the materials in the copper itself prevent it. The use of Tartar cream can also cause white puffiness.

کاربرد تخم مرغ در صنعت شیرینی پزی


















But adding a little lemon juice and vinegar can also help prevent mildew from falling asleep.

Sugar is one of the substances that is a good stabilizer for whites because it gives it a good taste and prevents it from being melted but keep in mind that the sugar used must be fine and soft, of course. Brown sugar can also help with health.

The following conditions must be met in order for the white to be sufficiently puffy:
The containers you use for whitewashing must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected so that no grease adheres to the whites and does not prevent them from blowing.
Do not use plastic containers for stirring as these containers do not degrease properly.

Wooden and aluminum containers are also not a good choice because they cause white discoloration.
Do not use glass containers to whiten because the whites will slip and the puffing will be delayed.
The best option is copper containers, which also helps to keep the whites steady.
Always choose a container of the right size for white mixing because the white volume is at least three times larger and if you do not have the right container you will have to replace the container.
Another important point is to be careful about adding whites to other cakes when adding ingredients, because if you add yolks, sugar and milk to whites, the puff will be white and your cake will not puff.

Following these tips will help you make a puffy cake to your liking.

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